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Sine we know the technology and the telecommunications industry, we are able to determine what is correct and what can be changed to a lower rated service with the same or similar features. We have been very successful acquiring credits for errors going back for years.  We know who to call and how to request the maximum amount of credits because of our 40+ years of award winning experience.  When you hire us, you no longer have to worry about your telecommunications because we handle it all.  That allows you and your employees to concentrate on your core business.

What we do


Are you searching for a Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM) company?  Our consulting service audits all of your telecommunications bills.  Typically, our audit identifies errors and monthly savings in your bills, which results in thousands of dollars in cost reductions.  Reduced expenses allow you to utilize more of your profits to expanding your company.

We work for you


We do not work for any Telephone Compny, so you can be sure we are not trying to sell you anything.  We do not try to change your Telecom Provider!  Of course, if you are not happy with your provider, we can help you find a different provider that fits your needs.



If your business is not telecom, then you have better things to do, than spend hours on the phone trying to figure out who to call or trying to figure out your telephone bills.  Your Telecom, Purchasing and Accounts Receivable Departments, spend all of their time maintaining your systems, paying the bills and signing contracts.  If you are relying on these departments to identify

these savings and errors, you are

losing thousands of dollars.

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